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Apple iPhone 3G Review and Features

iphone 3g

Apple iPhone 3G Review makes you aware of some facts about the new cellular phone from Apple which has quite stirred the atmosphere.

iPhone is quite similar to the regular Apple cell phones as far as its front is viewed. It has though a massive memory of 8 or 16 GB capacities. An innovative curved rear side made from shining black plastic, or a white finish for the 16 GB version. There is new way to overclock iPhone 3G and more.
Although it is plastic, you need not worry, because, as is the characteristic of Apple mobile phones, it is truly impressive and robust. Actually the new iPhone is not thinner than its precursor, but due to the curved rearside it seemingly looks so.
An additional amazing highlight is that, it is not having recessed headphone socket, therefore you can purchase and enjoy any headphones, without requiring adaptor.

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