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Apple iPhone 3G Review and Features

iphone 3g

Apple iPhone 3G Review makes you aware of some facts about the new cellular phone from Apple which has quite stirred the atmosphere.

iPhone is quite similar to the regular Apple cell phones as far as its front is viewed. It has though a massive memory of 8 or 16 GB capacities. An innovative curved rear side made from shining black plastic, or a white finish for the 16 GB version. There is new way to overclock iPhone 3G and more.
Although it is plastic, you need not worry, because, as is the characteristic of Apple mobile phones, it is truly impressive and robust. Actually the new iPhone is not thinner than its precursor, but due to the curved rearside it seemingly looks so.
An additional amazing highlight is that, it is not having recessed headphone socket, therefore you can purchase and enjoy any headphones, without requiring adaptor.

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Latest Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Features

sony x10 mini pro

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Review makes you aware of some facts about the most recent copy of the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini. It is the pro version of the same phone. The alteration is that this handset presents QWERTY keyboard. While the X10 Mini version attracted vast group of people, the pro version is liked by the people who like to send a number of SMSs.

The screen of the device is tiny and approximately of the identical pattern, however greatly functioning because of the skilled tweaks availed by the operating system.

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Sony Ericsson Released Naite J105

sony ericsson j105 naite

Sony Ericsson Naite J105 Review is to know more about a novel cellular phone which is introduced going hand-in-hand with today’s “going green” policy. Sonny Ericsson Naite J105 is the recently introduced  green phone by Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart Program. It is an outcome of recycled plastic, and its colors are with least chemicals.

There are not many things that you get with the phone, and they are a battery, a handsfree, a charger and instruction manual.
The recycled plastic from which the phone has been manufactured is lead-free and also chemicals are used as little as possible. The phone presents a good quality of QVGA TFT screen. Touchscreen is lacking. The design of the phone is simple yet appealing.

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Samsung Wave S8500 Announced

samsung wave

Samsung Wave S8500 Review will provide you the correct information about the first mobile phone handset that is going to be introduced via brand new, wide podium of Samsung, Samsung bada.

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Review & Features Of Samsung S5260 Monte

samsung s5260

Samsung S5260 Monte Review is about  a cell phone with which it appears that Samsung has left its accustomed habit of producing loads and start the give importance to quality. Still added to quality this instrument provides  a pocket-friendly price also, which is a specialty of this device.

This device displays the high functionality of Samsung in designing. The mediocre plastic body is converted to extremely alluring body. A customary dimension of 108.8mm X 53.7mm X 12.4mm and a weight of 3.25 oz is what it has. And also it has capability to perform in all quad-band GSM networks and is having also a 3G capability.

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Samsung Genio Qwerty Review and Features

samsung genio

Samsung Genio Qwerty Review makes you aware of some facts about the Genio QWERTY from Samsung. The device has body with many colors, full QWERTY keypad, and really economical cost. Genio QWERTY is particularly taking into consideration the teen age-group who loves social networking.

The instrument combines the low-profile touchscreen Genio Touch in the budget line of Samsung, with Genio QWERTY with no touch-and-swipe control interface  and in place of it rendering a more conventional 2.2inch display and physical control system to amuse the users.

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Samsung Released Galaxy Portal i5700

samsung i5700

Samsung Galaxy Portal i5700 Review makes you aware of some facts aboutthe new phone from Samsung Galaxy which is a milestone for the Korean company. It is second edition of Androit phone of Samsung. But it is quite similar to the first version and also familiar with Samsung s5260. Only thing issome features have been reduced, and some have been put in.

The phone doesn’t show the accustomed lovely look of the Samsung phones. The size of the phone is 115x57x13mm, however it is not too much chunky. But it looks dull. Below the screen, keys are clustered, which looks shabby. They are uncomfortable to use. the red line circling the OK key, looks distinctly cheap. D-pad too is not useful for a touchscreen phone, but we, ourselves can judge that better.

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New Samsung Galaxy Apollo

samsung galaxy apollo

Samsung’s Galaxy S can be considered among the finest devices on the market today. Its main drawback is the high pricetag, making it too expensive for many. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Apollo comes in. It’s made to to bring together the best features of Galaxy S, but in a much more affordable device. Read this full Samsung Galaxy Apollo review to find out the specifics.

The chassis is 13mm thick, giving it a somewhat chunky look. The back side is a piece of regular black plastic. The front of the device brings a fine looking mirror finish. Fingerprints are the only problem left to worry about.

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Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy s

With the Galaxy S, Samsung is making a bold move on the smartphone market, looking to offer some serious competition to Apple’s iPhone 4. If you want to find out more, carry on reading this Samsung Galaxy S review.

The strongest points of the Samsung Galaxy S are certainly Hummingbird, the 1GHz processor and GPU, and the gigantic 4-inch touchscreen. Both of these release incredible performance and take the Android OS to a new level.

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