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Samsung Wave S8500 Announced

samsung wave

Samsung Wave S8500 Review will provide you the correct information about the first mobile phone handset that is going to be introduced via brand new, wide podium of Samsung, Samsung bada.

The device offers a Super AMOLED 3.3” screen which makes the display really come alive, a wonderful social networking to bring you closer to your acquaintances and connections, and TouchWiz 3.0 for a highly convertible and intuitive [user|consumer} interface. Its quick CPU ensures instantaneousand sleek application experience and multi-tasking, altering the handset into an ever-on multimedia partner. The instrument is produced to present us an incomparable class of execution, customization and options to get connected to your world.With Samsung Wave S8500 you will get an incomparable smartphone display experience, because it gives world’s first Super AMOLED display. This display presents much more significant, and less reflective AMOLED OnCell display, highlighting a high resolution WVGA, i.e. 800×480 pixels, screen having mDNTe (mobile Digital Natural Image engine) technology. This technology is a well-accepted technology which blended Samsung’s LCD TV and LED TV spectra. The image quality is wonderful with a modifiable viewing angle and ultimate swift response, and that’s why the device  renders wonderful  view of both videos and photos.

This instrument offerspresents  superb qualities of choices to customers in form of fully modifiable menus and home page. For those wishing to remain connected with social networking everytime, the device permits to swap the formation of the home page so as to offer fast access to Facebook, Twitter and so many other social networking services. If you love music, turn the homepage into a media-player and if you desireto send pictures, you can convert the homepage into the one featuring images.

samsung wave

The appearance of Samsung Wave S8500 too is alluring having a slender case without any harsh lines. Above all, the anti-smudge technology doesn’t let oily fingerprints on the beautiful phone body. Samsung Wave S8500 Review is thus interesting to know more about Samsung’s Wave S8500 .


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