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Samsung Genio Qwerty Review and Features

samsung genio

Samsung Genio Qwerty Review makes you aware of some facts about the Genio QWERTY from Samsung. The device has body with many colors, full QWERTY keypad, and really economical cost. Genio QWERTY is particularly taking into consideration the teen age-group who loves social networking.

The instrument combines the low-profile touchscreen Genio Touch in the budget line of Samsung, with Genio QWERTY with no touch-and-swipe control interface  and in place of it rendering a more conventional 2.2inch display and physical control system to amuse the users.

The sparkling, colorful body of the device remains the same with striking colorful back panels. Together with the emailing, and SMS facilities, the instrument QWERTY is aimed at lovers of social networking.

The edition named Orange-flavored allows as far as possible online access to amenities via its Orange World Portal with links to social networking services, like, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, Picasa and Photobucket.

But, 3G to speed up the online happenings is not available, and even Wi-Fi is unavailable, which we may anticipate for this sort of price.

The device presents a number of facilities like music and video player applications, so also FM-radio – together with a 3.5mm accustomed headphone jack, so that it is possible for you to upgrade the provided earphones.

MicroSD card memory expansion is given too and the budget price tag of Genio QWERTY may be seen in a normal 37MB of online storage.

The value has been reduced in the display also. The 2.2inch screen is a low-resolution (220.x176 pixels), and 65 thousand color shades.

samsung geio

The device provides display with a landscape orientation, and which is more messaging friendly wide screen. The Genio QWERTY measures 110mm in height, 59mm in width and 29mm in depth and it weighs 94 gm, hence it is a slim device and comfortably slides in the pocket of the trousers. It is thus interesting to take the Samsung Genio Qwerty Review.


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