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Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy s

With the Galaxy S, Samsung is making a bold move on the smartphone market, looking to offer some serious competition to Apple’s iPhone 4. If you want to find out more, carry on reading this Samsung Galaxy S review.

The strongest points of the Samsung Galaxy S are certainly Hummingbird, the 1GHz processor and GPU, and the gigantic 4-inch touchscreen. Both of these release incredible performance and take the Android OS to a new level.

The Super AMOLED screen spans on a 480×800 resolution accompanied by truly vibrant colors. The 500.000 to 1 contrast ratio rivals HD television specs, which makes the image amazingly sharp. The touchscreen part is also quite responsive, with no perceptible delay from your commands to the phone’s actions. The Hummingbird also has fantastic speed of execution, in both video and 3D rendering alike.

The Galaxy S chassis is light and thin, and seems rather cheap looking, more so than one would expect from a a smartphone. That however is an acceptable cost for so much power in such a small space. The micro-USB is protected by a new type of solid cover that locks solidly in place, and not the regular rubber flaps found on many other phones.

Built-in memory can be 8GB or 16GB, depending on the model, and you can add up to 32GB more, with a microSD card. The phone comes with a 5MP camera that works quite well and can shoot 720P video, but there is no LED flash, so it suffers under low-light conditions.

The battery performance is not the best, especially because of the large display. It could last a whole day with a little luck, however if used actively at full screen brightness, its battery will need a recharge in a few hours.

samsung galaxy s

As a conclusion – the phone matches great hardware with a not so great battery life and widgets, as well as a nice 5MP camera with the lack of any flash or light source. None of these are a deal breaker by any means, since it looks great, fits well in the hand, and features a fantastic touchscreen, and so this Samsung Galaxy S review will recommend it as a great smartphone.


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