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Samsung Released Galaxy Portal i5700

samsung i5700

Samsung Galaxy Portal i5700 Review makes you aware of some facts aboutthe new phone from Samsung Galaxy which is a milestone for the Korean company. It is second edition of Androit phone of Samsung. But it is quite similar to the first version and also familiar with Samsung s5260. Only thing issome features have been reduced, and some have been put in.

The phone doesn’t show the accustomed lovely look of the Samsung phones. The size of the phone is 115x57x13mm, however it is not too much chunky. But it looks dull. Below the screen, keys are clustered, which looks shabby. They are uncomfortable to use. the red line circling the OK key, looks distinctly cheap. D-pad too is not useful for a touchscreen phone, but we, ourselves can judge that better.

On the backside, there is plastic cover made of rubberized plastic, because of which the instrument is comfortable to hold. The ear-phones which you get along with the phone are good too, though you can select of one’s own choice as there are standard 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB port on the atop the device.

samsung i5700

In place of the AMOLED screen, the TFT display is used in the mobile phone, which is more standard. However the display is nice with a resolution of 320×480 and it is really good when the cost of the phone is considered. It is really bright and in fact a little more natural than that on the AMOLED screen. Above all, it has capacitive technology which is more alert to touch input than the resistive technology. Samsung Galaxy Portal i5700 Review is in a way pleasurable, as we have a chance to know more about a truly useful and equally beautiful phone.


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