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New Samsung Galaxy Apollo

samsung galaxy apollo

Samsung’s Galaxy S can be considered among the finest devices on the market today. Its main drawback is the high pricetag, making it too expensive for many. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Apollo comes in. It’s made to to bring together the best features of Galaxy S, but in a much more affordable device. Read this full Samsung Galaxy Apollo review to find out the specifics.

The chassis is 13mm thick, giving it a somewhat chunky look. The back side is a piece of regular black plastic. The front of the device brings a fine looking mirror finish. Fingerprints are the only problem left to worry about.

The display is a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch, so with 2 fingers you can zoom pictures, maps and web pages. Multi-touch comes from the Android 2.1 OS. The display resolution is 400×200, which means text and graphics don’t look as sharp as on better smartphones.

The Apollo offers 2 different home screens, and an app in the main menu can be used for switching. A nice addition from Samsung is a video playback app with DivX, making it possible to watch both DivX and Xvid videos up to a resolution of 720×480, without needing a reencode. Apollo ships with 1 GB of memory, and accepts and additional 32 GB through a microSD card.

The Apollo’s 667 MHz processor packs enough power to handle smooth video playback, and video does look very well, especially when viewed in landscape position. The phone is at its best when playing music, with even the default headphones delivering a deep punchy bass. If you listen to you music on-the-go, this device will not let you down.

The 3.2 MP camera offers decent image quality, but as it doesn’t have a flash low-light pictures are poor in quality. However the camera still takes good photos with proper lighting, capturing bright natural colors.

samsung galaxy apollo

Broadly speaking the Apollo brings together some interesting features, reliable hardware and performance, in an affordable package. It is one of the finest Android 2.1 devices available at this price, and so this Samsung Galaxy Apollo review recommends it as a less expensive alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S.


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